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When you’re in the forbidden forest and you stumble across Draco Malfoy putting his thingie in Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way’s you-know-what


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i had a crush on this guy and i decided to pull a Pavlov on him by offering him whenever i saw him this brand of candy he seemed to really like and after a while whenever he saw me he got excited for a second then you could see his expression…

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90% of the Asian girls in my school have the constant bitch face on them and the “I’m better than you” look

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middle schoolers complaining about how stressful school is


Excuse you middle school may have been simpler in your time but these days it can be so brutal. Had you read three Steinbeck books by the time you were thirteen? Probably not.


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Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

Because if I don’t stand up for her, who will? Okay, I can name about 6 people that will, but we’re small voices that can’t do anything. But I’m not gonna stop standing up for her. Even if the media refuses to NOT take Michael’s side.
You don’t have to be a fan of Megan Fox to acknowledge the injustice Megan suffered on the set of Transformers from Michael Bay and his “loyal” crew. When Megan’s comment on Michael Bay came out, everyone sided with Michael Bay, calling Megan a “brat” or “ungrateful” and saying she should have kept her mouth shut. These are grown ass men and they couldn’t shrug off a comment from a 23 year old woman. This Behind the Scene clip is just a glimpse and I cannot even imagine what ended up on the cutting room floor. Detailed bullet point of their relationship throughout the years. (stops after Jonah Hex) [x]
Michael made Megan model wardrobe options (short shorts and belly tops) in front of a room full of men, made her audition by washing his car in a bikini while he filmed it (of which Michael Bay hasn’t denied) And while the disgusting 3 quarters of the planet will side with Michael saying Megan’s a “whore” and “agreed to it anyways” or “asked for it”, do not know her side of the story. Megan’s wanted to act for her entire life stemming from Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe.Day in and day out for both Transformers movies, Megan had this tyrant barking orders at her about bending over the car, arch her back and dictating what she wore and even naming her character after himself. Michael Bay is disgusting. I don’t care what Megan says about him now, it doesn’t excuse how he treated her and dragged her name through the mud. Megan’s been on 12 movies so far and has only had ONE crew complain about her. But to this day, people BELIEVE she’s the bad one to work with. That’s the power of this piece of shit, Michael Bay.

bring awareness to this


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"think you can handle my 10 inches?"


*sticks tip in*



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why is Ursula shunned from King Triton’s society? does it have something to do with being more powerful than him? why does King Triton have a magical trident, being otherwise a pretty regular merman? Ursula is a witch, if anyone should have a magical artifact it should be her, did King Triton steal it?

and finally, Ursula didn’t do Ariel much wrong

Ariel wanted some legs (and a vagina) and Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both

i’d watch the hell out of a movie about Ursula

Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”

ohhhh shit though, ursula was being too real about the world

although perhaps a bit too literal

Okay, these were all excellent points and I’ll never see The Little Mermaid the same way again.

I laughed at that caption at first then the reality actually hit me

you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”

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being in college and trying to understand all these psat jokes 


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Ugh my animation teacher probably thinks i suck. I just want more time to work on my stuff :(

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Digital Artist:

Terence-Jaiden David Wray

"Schism, Bloodwood"

"Cover for a short Novelette I’m writing, Bloodwood.”

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buffy rewatch  killed by death

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follow for more

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